Main Principles

Being a part of the suspension system, shock absorbers control the springing action on the vehicle caused by the road. In effect this provides grip and comfort on bad road surfaces, corners and on braking.

A Typical Shock Absorber

  1. Top Mounting Joint
  2. Bump Stop
  3. Protective Tube
  4. Piston Rod
  5. Piston Rod Seal
  6. Piston Rod Guide
  7. Low Pressure Gas
  8. Piston Valve
  9. Piston Tube
  10. Reservoir Tube
  11. Hydraulic Oil
  12. Base Valve
  13. Bottom Mounting Joint

To cope with the pressure caused during springing of the vehicle the hydraulic oil moves toward the rod and the base valve during a closing pressure. On retraction the hydraulic oil moves toward the opposite directions.

Multifunction valves act to control and create resistance to the movement of the hydraulic oil during these retractions.

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